Why Should You Invest in a Renewable Infrastructure Fund


Climate change and global warming have shown that the environment and the planet are shared responsibilities. And, you can do your bit by investing in renewable infrastructure funds.

The money you invest in a renewable infrastructure fund will be used to finance companies and firms whose work has the potential to create a safer, cleaner, and greener planet. Meanwhile, according to Statista, the global carbon dioxide emissions touched 34.81 bn mt in 2020. And this is alarming, and every little thing counts as the doomsday clock ticks away dangerously.

So, in this article, you will learn about the five things that make a renewable infrastructure fund the next unicorn.

5 Things that Make It Stand Out

Now, you are thinking: why should you invest in this fund when you can get better returns by investing in other funds in the market? It will help if you think twice, as a renewable infrastructure fund brings a lot to the table.

  1. Expanding Renewable Energy Opportunities

Haven’t you heard the saying that goes, “one person’s loss is another one’s gain”? This is very true for renewable energy. An increasing number of investors are skeptical about the future of non-renewable energy sources, given the poor performance of their stocks in the share market.

Meanwhile, there is a marked and gradual shift towards renewable energy, with investors distancing themselves from the “great polluters”. Thus, the funding opportunities in the renewable energy sector are only going to grow.

  1. Promising Returns

Here’s a scenario: let’s say that everyone invests in a renewable energy or infrastructure fund of their choice to align with the UN’s SDGs. And this is what would happen: Over 42 million jobs will be added to the renewable energy sector, and the net worth of the other benefits would come up to $50-$142 trillion.

Now, this is what a three-way win looks like: the planet is healthy, the community is supported, and you stand to gain as well.

  1. The Availability of an Astounding Variety of Options

Renewable infrastructure is not limited to the energy sector alone. It is a blanket term with many other things in the saddle, like electric vehicles and projects to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. As such, even within the renewable energy spectrum, you have the option to choose between solar, wind, and hydropower. In this way, by investing in a renewable infrastructure fund, you will get to contribute to the environment in the way you want.

  1. Contribute to Cutting Edge Research and Development

Some brilliant minds worldwide are working on developing technologies that can change the way things are done, and without harming the environment. As such, from eco-friendly batteries, printable organic cells, tidal energy extraction mechanisms to floating wind turbines, these innovations are simply mind-blowing.

So, an investment in renewable infrastructure funds will allow you to be a part of some fascinating developments.

  1. A Safe Investment Option

Taking off from the first point, it is evident that all sectors of renewable infrastructure are poised to witness growth in the years to come. Throw in an ever-growing demand in the mix, and you’ve got an investment option that is safe and has a positive long-term outlook.

Many renewable infrastructure funds made quite a splash in 2021. And given all the benefits, you have got nothing to lose. Hence, pick a cause that resonates with you, find a fund that supports it, and start investing!