Top 3 Surfing Destinations In Costa Rica


Top 3 Surfing Destinations In Costa Rica

One of the most famous and visited surfing destinations in the world is Costa Rica. Located in Central America, this country can blow your mind with its unique surfing experience.

From clear water and good winds to unique natural beauty – Costa Rica has it all!

Indeed, it has become a world-renowned destination for beginner and professional surfers. Therefore, giving rise to surf camps. If you search for a surf camp in Costa Rica, you will find plenty of options.

Similarly, there are numerous beaches that you can go to as your surfing spot. Are you planning your next surfing adventure in Costa Rica?

Here are some of the best destinations to unwind yourself and relax amongst the waves.

Tamarindo Beach – Located in the Guanacaste Province

These beach houses conduct a number of national surfing competitions every year. Hence, it can give you some of the best waves in the country.

Due to the popularity, this beach became bustling with nightlife and surfers. Moreover, you can find restaurants and shops hosting various surfing supplies. It can become one of the best hot spots for Costa Rica tours in the coming few years.

That is all thanks to the eco-tours and surfing adventures.

Difficulty Level: Amateurs and Professionals

Espadilla Beach – Main Part of the Manuel Antonio Beach

The waves you will witness at the Espadilla beach are smaller and less ferocious. Being the main part of the most famous beach in Central Pacific, this place is filled with tourists. Moreover, you will get high tide in the southern end, which is a great surfing spot.

On the other hand, the northern part of this beach can offer challenging waves. You can even indulge in training on these waves.

Difficulty Level: Beginners (Southern end), Professionals (Northern end)

Jaco Beach – Situated in the Central Pacific Coast

Jaco is not only a beach for surfers but a town in itself. Ideally, this location is geared towards national or international travelers who join in the waves and party.

This beach is best known for its low tides and minimal invasive waves. You will find this beach to be a great starting point in your surfing adventure. In addition, you can even look for lessons on Jaco beach and have a gala time.

Difficulty Level: New surfers and beginners

FAQs About Costa Rica Surfing

  • What is the best time to visit Costa Rica for surfing?

The best thing about this country is that you can surf all year round. Yes, even during the May to December green season when there are consistent and more giant waves.

  • Why should you surf in Costa Rica?

You get to experience good winds and tides in this country. At the same time, you get to access what your favorite surf camp in Costa Rica has to offer. Moreover, get the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea for your surfing activities.

  • How many tourists practiced surfing in Costa Rica?

The ICT data suggests that 15.2% of tourists indulged in surfing sport on numerous national beaches. In addition, between 2016-2018, around 70% of the tourists came into the country to visit the beaches.

The Bottom Line

If you visit Costa Rica, you can indulge in the best beaches and surf your heart out. However, some beaches have difficulty levels because of the low/high tides.

Before going to the country, make sure you have all the details marked about the sport of surfing.