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Troubleshoot: Ethernet Not Working with Wavlink Extender

TechTroubleshoot: Ethernet Not Working with Wavlink Extender

The Ethernet connection beats the wireless one in terms of networking. The reason being it allows devices to communicate directly without any external interruption. This allows the Ethernet cable to transmit data at higher speeds. However, a lot of users who have performed Wavlink setup are facing a peculiar problem. They state that their Ethernet cable is not working with the Wavlink extender. Are you also standing in the same queue? If yes, then this post is what you need to read. Just implement the troubleshooting hacks mentioned below and do away with the problem in a hassle-free way.

Fix: Ethernet Not Working with Extender

  1. Check the Ethernet Cable

The first thing you need to check whenever you cross paths with the Ethernet not working issue is to check the condition of the cable. Most users continue using an old and worn-out Ethernet cable to connect their WiFi devices. As a result, the connection is established physically but the communication takes place in an effective manner. Therefore, if the Ethernet cable is the culprit behind the issue you are facing, then don’t delay getting it replaced with a new one. In case changing the Ethernet cable fails to favor you, then have a look at the next tip.

  1. Make the Connection Firm

The firmness of the Ethernet connection matters a lot when it comes to connecting your Wavlink extender and the router directly. Perhaps there’s nothing wrong with the Ethernet cable but the connection made by you is weak. Therefore, consider rectifying your mistake by making the connection finger tight. Thereafter, see to it whether the Ethernet not working issue with your Wavlink extender is still troubling you or not.

  1. Update the Firmware

An outdated firmware of the Wavlink range extender can result in any problem in addition to the one you are already struggling with. It is because the firmware controls the extender’s activity. So, without any delay, consider updating the firmware of your Wavlink wireless extender. Here are the steps for demystifying the Wavlink firmware update process:

  • Download the firmware of the extender after surfing the web and save the file at your favorite location.

  • Now, create a wireless connection between the extender and router.

  • Once done, consider opening up an internet browser on your PC and logging in to the range extender using the default Wavlink login password.

  • After reaching the dashboard, select Setup > Upgrade Firmware.

  • Thence, upload the firmware file and follow on-screen instructions.

Within a few minutes, you will find out that your Wavlink extender is running on an updated firmware version flaunting its new features. But, it seems that you are still running out of luck.

  1. Check the Extender’s Ethernet Port

Many times, users avoid cleaning their range extenders which is a bad habit. Being unsung workhorses, your Wavlink extender demands care. But, it looks like you have failed to take care of yours in order to make pace with other users. How? Well, the answer is to have a look at the Ethernet port of the extender. Is it clean? Oh! It has dust accumulated in it. Snap! You’ve just figured out another reason resulting in the Ethernet not working issue. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a piece of cloth and clean the Ethernet port of your extender and reconnect the Ethernet cable.

  1. Reset the Extender

Updated the firmware, cleaned the Ethernet port, and implemented every tip mentioned above but still facing the issue. Chances are that your extender isn’t configured properly. Perhaps, you skipped an important guideline talking about Ethernet connections. In that scenario, you need to do Amped range extender setup from scratch. However, to do so, you need to take the crucial step of resetting the extender to the factory default mode.

Given below are the guidelines enlisting the process of doing Wavlink WiFi repeater reset in a hassle-free way:

  • Check that there is no device accessing your extender.

  • Also, see to it that proper power is being supplied to your wireless range extender.

  • Done? Great! Now, locate and press the Reset button on your Wavlink device.

Within some time, every customized setting from your range extender will get erased. It means you are free to install the extender again.

Wrapping Up

Here, we are wrapping up the post with an anticipation that the Ethernet cable will now start working after installing the extender again. If yes, you did an outstanding troubleshooting. We would love to read your responses in the comment section.

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