Tips and Trick to Enhance Rockspace Extender WiFi Speed

extender WiFi speed

It’s unlikely that extender WiFi speed is a top priority unless the streaming video abruptly halts or the download of a large file takes an interminable amount of time. It’s understandable that users of devices accessing Rockspace extenders would want to know how to increase the network’s throughput. The good news is that this article explains in detail how to boost the speed of the Rockspace WiFi extender in a couple of minutes with solutions including performing Rockspace firmware update, changing the WiFi channel, and so on. So, you should start reading right now.

How to Enhance Rockspace Extender WiFi Speed?

  1. Minimize WiFi Interference

Interruptions are commonplace in the transmissions sent out by your Rockspace extender. It’s easy to see why the extender is moving slowly: you probably weren’t careful enough about its positioning while setting it up.

Check the area around your extender for any obstructions. Is it in a household with other high-tech gadgets like Bluetooth speakers, fridges, baby monitors, microwaves, TVs, and the like? Yes? Obviously, you’ll need to relocate your signal extender.

Place the extender away from any water sources including bowls, tanks, and walls. They also are capable of obstructing the signals it sends throughout your home.

  1. Bring Extender Nearer to the Router

One other way to get the most out of your Rockspace extender is to put it in close proximity to the router. The signals from both devices will travel without interference if this is done.

Simply avoid keeping your devices in close proximity to one another. They need some obvious space between them. Otherwise, there will be a conflict of signals that might lead to problems much worse than the one you’re experiencing right now.

  1. Adjust the Antennas for extender WiFi speed

A lot of the Rock space extenders out there already have antennas installed. If so, does the model you’re using additionally have antennas? Inquiring minds want to know: what’s that? Do you want to verify your device’s model?

To change these settings, go to re.rockspace.local/login.html. If you want to learn more about extenders, just use the Learn More button. So, what’s the verdict, yes or no? If that’s the case, maybe try adjusting the antennae.

  1. Disconnect Any Unnecessary Gadgets

Even though your Rockspace extender seems to be malfunctioning, poor internet speeds are not always indicative of a problem. It’s possible that its network is overloaded.

Hence, you should verify our claims. It may be necessary to unplug certain devices from the extender’s WiFi if you discover that too many are using it. Once you are finished, you should check the WiFi extender’s speed. Can we say that it has gotten better? Little bit? Is there room for further improvement? Proceed with the text.

  1. Update the Firmware for perfect extender WiFi speed

If you’ve had your Rock space extender for a while, you likely know how important it is to sometimes update the software. Both the WiFi extender’s security and performance might benefit from a firmware upgrade.

In order to carry out the necessary procedure, please refer to the following instructions:

  • Make sure the extender is securely hooked to an outlet before proceeding.
  • In addition, it has to have a strong connection to the host router.
  • After these two tasks are complete, you may turn on your computer.
  • Launch the web browser you often use.
  • Insert a URL into your browser’s address bar.
  • Once you’re ready to enter your login information, press the corresponding key.
  • Enter your username and password for the administrative account here.
  • After that’s finished, go over to the Admin section.
  • To update the firmware, choose the appropriate menu option.

At Last

If you want a better time with media, streaming, file downloads, and online gaming, you should probably upgrade your Rockspace WiFi extender’s speed. We hope that the following advice was useful in boosting the performance of your home network.

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