Fixed: Common WiFi Problems with TP Link AC750 Extender

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Do you own a TP Link AC750 extender? Is it not working the way you want? Worry not! We’re here to help!

Imagine a scenario, you’re at home on a Saturday night with no plans to go anywhere. Your favorite program has a new season available on Netflix. And this entire week, you have been excitedly anticipating this binge session.

You turn on your smart TV and launch the Netflix app as you relax on your favorite couch with a soda and some popcorn. On the screen, the loading circle appears. Usually, it disappears for a little while before the movie starts to play, but this time, it keeps rotating. Your darkest fears have come true. You were abandoned by that lightning-quick WiFi connection just when you needed it most. Your evening on Saturday is wrecked.

That’s not necessarily the case, though. Even though the majority of us do not know how the internet operates, it is fairly easy to perform some basic troubleshooting that will allow you to access the internet without any problems and fix common problems with your TP Link AC750 setup.

WiFi problems often fall into one of two categories: sluggish connection or no connection at all. These problems may all be quite frustrating. The good news is that if you use the troubleshooting advice we’ve provided below, they can usually be repaired. So, are you prepared to resolve your WiFi issues without crying and yelling? Then let’s get started!

Fix: The Most Popular WiFi Issues with TP Link Extenders

First Issue: No Connection

Dropped or lost connections are extremely annoying, and they may become a major problem if you rely on your TP Link WiFi to do your job or interact with others.

In the unlikely event that you experience an internet connection problem, the following typical reasons and solutions are provided:

• Verify that your device is not the source of the problem. Try using a different device to access the internet to see if this works. So, if you have trouble connecting on your phone, try your computer to see if the problem persists.

• If so, then your internet connection is the problem. Reboot your TP Link network once in this situation, then try connecting once more.

• If the second device cannot connect, then your device, not your connection, is the issue. Make sure your TP Link WiFi is not off in this situation. The device shouldn’t be in Airplane mode either.

• Restart the router and extender.

• If things still not working, visit web address to access the Factory Reset button on your WiFi extender to reset it.

• Verify that your internet bill has been paid.

Second issue: Slow connection

Is the speed of your TP Link WiFi connection too slow? Either it takes forever to download a file or you can’t load the pages you want. Whatever the case is, this may be annoying, and poor WiFi connections can make it much more annoying.

Let’s examine many solutions to resolve this problem:

• Test the internet speed on a different device to see whether it is also sluggish.

• It’s possible that applications like download managers are running in the background and making your internet slow.

• Shift your WiFi range extender closer to your router.

• Visit the official site of TP Link extender to upgrade the firmware.

If you use all of these troubleshooting techniques, your TP Link WiFi issues should be fixed. Just in case, still can’t get a fix for the issue you are struggling with, we suggest you check if your TP Link AC750 extender is compatible to work with your current router or not. If not, consider changing your modem to resolve the issue.