An Explicit Guide to Fix Netgear Extender Orange Light Issue

Netgear Extender

If the LED on your Netgear extender is blinking orange instead of green, then you have got yourself in trouble. Indication of an orange LED means that you are surrounded by WiFi connectivity issues. But, the good thing is that your days of worrying are over. The reason being, you have us at your service. Get down to the hacks given in this article in order to completely eliminate the root causes of the issue at hand. For your information, some of these hacks require you to access the Netgear Genie setup wizard. Thus, what are you waiting for? Don’t you think you should get down to reading now?

[Fixed] Netgear Extender Orange Light Issue

  1. Reboot the Netgear Extender

This is the very first hack that we recommend users whenever they get their knickers in a twist because of a Netgear extender-related issue. We would like to recommend the same hack to you before you shift your focus to another hack.

Now you might be wondering how to reboot the Netgear extender. Well, for that, you are required to follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Turn off the Netgear extender.
  • Unplug the networking device from its socket.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Plug the device back into its socket.
  • Keep in mind to turn it back on.

As soon as you have finished rebooting your Netgear wireless range extender, consider checking whether the orange light issue has been fixed or not. If not, then follow the 2nd tip.

  1. Check the Power Socket

In case your power socket is damaged, then your Netgear wireless range extender will find it difficult to receive an adequate power supply thereby forcing you to face the orange light issue. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the power socket.

If it is indeed damaged, then you need to plug your Netgear extender into a different power outlet. Just make sure that this one is located somewhere near the existing router.

  1. Change the Connection Source

Have you made the mistake of connecting your Netgear wireless range extender and the host router with the help of a wireless source? Are you nodding your head in yes? Well then, it looks like you have come across one more reason that might have compelled your Netgear extender to blink orange.

Therefore, consider choosing another source of connection. In simple words, use an Ethernet cable for the connection between your networking devices.

  1. Pull the WiFi Devices Closer

Are you still not able to troubleshoot the Netgear extender orange light issue? Well, chances are that you have not placed your extender in the range of your router.

This can cause a transmission loss. Thus, reduce the distance between your devices. But, make sure that it is not less. Otherwise, no matter what you do, your devices will never be able to transmit wireless signals properly.

  1. Perform Netgear Firmware Update

This is another way through which you can troubleshoot the Netgear extender orange light issue. Updating the firmware of your device will not just help you to fix the issue at hand but it will also add security features to your device.

This is a clear sign that you should not waste any more time in updating the firmware of your wireless range extender. Now, if you are wondering how to update the firmware of your wireless device, know that you can do so using the IP address.

Need more details regarding this process? Yes? Well then, it is recommended that you take your attention to the instructions given in the user manual. You will find everything in there, starting from firmware update to how change wifi password, etc.

  1. Reset the Netgear Extender

Despite every damn effort you have made, are you still having a bad time because of the Netgear extender orange light issue? Nodding your head in yes? Well then, restoring your device to its factory default settings is your last resort.

Are you wondering which all instructions you should follow to reset your wireless device? Well, you can refer to the ones given here:

  • Look at all sides of your Netgear wireless range extender.
  • Soon you will be able to locate the Reset button.
  • Press it.
  • Hold on for some time.

As soon as you are done resetting your wireless device, set it up from scratch. Trust us, doing so is not that difficult. However, if you still feel that you will face issues while trying to configure your device, then you should not waste any more time to refer to the user manual. Like we mentioned earlier, this little handbook had everything that you need in order to set up your Netgear extender.

For your information, you can use three different methods to complete the process. First is the manual method, second is the WPS method, and third is using the Nighthawk app.

Sum Up

With the last hack, we are wrapping up our guide based on how to troubleshoot the Netgear extender orange light issue. With ease, you will be able to resolve this issue. If you want to share with your fellow readers which hack helped you out in fixing the issue that you were facing, consider doing so via the comment section.

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