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Quick Tips to Resolve TP-Link Extender Not Working Issue

TechnologyQuick Tips to Resolve TP-Link Extender Not Working Issue

TP-Link’s claim to fame is its WiFi range extenders. They provide reliable and steady internet service throughout the home by removing any WiFi dead spots. However, you may come across situations when you cannot access the TP-Link WiFi range extender on your wireless devices. At times you may start facing such issues right after you have bought and performed tplinkrepeater.net setup. Trust us; it is one of the common problems faced by most TP-Link extender users. What was that? Are you too going through a similar situation? Well! Congratulations, you have landed on the right page. We are going to provide you with different troubleshooting tips using which you can get your TP-Link extender up and working. Go on reading further.

Resolved: TP-Link Extender Not Working Issue

In a situation, where you cannot access your TP-Link extender, simply go through the below-given hacks to get the issue resolved immediately:

Check the Power Source

Commence your troubleshooting by verifying a few things. Check your power source. Ensure a reliable and consistent power supply to the devices. Also, check there are no power outages in the area. Apart from this, check with the power cable connecting the TP-Link extender. If it is loose, consider fixing it first. If everything is perfectly fine here, go to the next step.

Verify the Internet Connection

Now, verify your internet connection. If you have a poor or unstable internet signal from the access point then, how can you expect your TP-Link extender to work? Thus, if you find any glitch in the internet network, then prefer to get it fixed first.

Distance Between the Devices

Make sure that the TP-Link extender is not very far from the router. It is recommended to place the extender within the range of the router. Thus, try bringing the devices bit closer and check accessibility. Please be mindful of not placing the devices too close such that their signals clash. So, choose an appropriate place that is neither too close, nor too far, to place the TP-Link extender before trying to access its network.

Try an Alternative Way to Connect Devices

Why don’t you try an alternative way to connect the TP-Link extender and the router? If you have a wireless connection in place, then go with wired connectivity. Put your hands on an Ethernet cable and insert one of its ends into the router and the other into the TP-Link extender. Now, check if you got successful in accessing its network. On the other hand, if you have a wired connection, then opt for a wireless connection. However, having a wired connection always gives a reliable and stable network signal.

Update the TP-Link Extender Firmware

You reading this hack suggests that the issue has not been fixed yet. Worry not; we got a couple of more troubleshooting tips to get it resolved. Now, try to fix the issue with TP Link firmware upgrade. If your extender has not been updated for a long time, then an outdated firmware must be causing you trouble accessing it. Get your hands on the TP-Link user manual to check how to upgrade your extender’s firmware. An updated firmware keeps bugs at bay and also enhances the device’s performance. Therefore, we suggest you keep a check on the firmware updates now and then.

Reboot the TP-Link Extender

Do you still have the issue bothering you? Get ahead with rebooting the extender. The whole rebooting or restarting process of the TP-Link extender has the ability to handle any minor technical issues easily. So, power off your extender removing all the connecting cables. Wait for a certain amount of time and again power it on. Now try getting access to its network. No luck? Proceed further.

Hard Reset TP-Link Extender

Believe us, this is one of the most powerful tricks to get any sort of issue fixed with the TP-Link WiFi range extender. It deletes all the customized settings and preferences on the device and makes it as it was when you purchased it. That means all the factory default settings will be restored. To reset the TP-Link extender:

  • Locate the Reset button on it.

  • Press it for some time.

And you are done. You have successfully restored the default factory settings on your TP-Link extender. Right after you have reset your device, you will need to do TP Link extender login to reconfigure your device. Post resetting and reconfiguration, we are very sure that it will be working perfectly fine.

Closing Thoughts

Here we end our writing piece on resolving the TP-Link extender not working issue. We are very hopeful that we were of help to get the issue with your extender fixed. By the way, if you were able to resolve the issue using this particular article, then consider it worth sharing with your fellow readers too. You can now enjoy trouble-free internet access using your TP-Link extender.

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