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How to Log in to Linksys Router?

TechnologyHow to Log in to Linksys Router?

If you want to know how to login to Linksys router, then you must go through this post once. Here, we have provided complete instructions that will surely help you with the Linksys router login process. Thus, stick to this 7-minute read. We give you our words – before you reach the end of this article,you will be able to log in to Linksys router. Let’s dive in!

For better understanding, we are taking an example of Linksys AC2200 router. We hope it would fine for you.

Linksys Router Login – Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Unbox Your Linksys Router

The first step towards the login process is to unbox your Linksys AC2200 router very carefully.

Step 2: Plug in Your Linksys Router

Choose a working wall socket for the router. Avoid working on the router if the electricity is operating on inverter of you find fluctuations in it.

Step 3: Make the Secure Connection

Take an Ethernet cable. Connect your Linksys router with your existing modem. A wireless source can also be made for connecting your router and the modem.

Step 4: Turn on a WiFi Device

For router login process, you have to open a laptop or desktop and launch a web browser of your choice in it.

Note: Do not use an outdated web browser version. And, also, update your laptop/ desktop prior to using it.

Step 6: Access the Router’s Default IP

Hover the mouse cursor over the browser’s address bar and enter the default IP of the Linksys router. Once you are done, press the Enter key.

Kudos! You are all Done!

  • Linksys router login window displays.

  • Enter the default login details of your Linksys router into the required fields and click Log In. If you have changed the router login credentials after the Linksys AC2200 setup process, it is suggested to use them.

  • Click Log In!

That’s it! You are successfully into the login page of your Linksys router.

Unable to Log in to Linksys Router?

If you are unable to log in to your Linksys router, first of all, please drop all your worries! We have got your back. Just scroll down a little and get the fixes to troubleshoot Linksys router login issues. Continue reading!

  • Your Linksys router must be plugged in properly. Please verify it. Apart from this, the router’s wall socket must not be damaged. Verify the same as well.

  • Check the connection between your Linksys router and modem. Ensure that they are firmly connected. Apart from this, the Ethernet cable used by you must be well-maintained. And, if you have connected the devices using a wireless source, ensure to have access to your own network.

  • Still the same? Then, have a quick nudge at the web browser used by you. Ensure that the browser is up-to-date. Not only this, the device (computer or laptop) used by you must be up-to-date too.

  • Do not use the browser’s search bar for entering the Linksys router’s default IP. What’s more? Do not use the private window either to access the Linksys router login page.

  • Have a look at the router’s IP address as well. There shouldn’t be any typing errors in it.

  • Enter the correct Linksys router login details. See the router’s manual for the same. And, if you have customized the username and password of your Linksys router, use them instead.

By any chance, if you get the Linksys router IP address not working issue or you have forgotten or lost the device’s username and password, or the router’s login details aren’t working, then the only way to get rid of them is to reset your Linksys router back to factory default settings. Scroll down a little and know how to reset your Linksys router.

Reset Your Linksys Router

Here are the instructions to reset Linksys router:

  • Disconnect your Linksys router from the modem and other connected devices.

  • Now, locate the router’s reset hole and press it gently using any thin object.

  • Press the router’s reset hole.

  • Wait for the route’s power LED to become stable.

And, that’s it! Your Linksys router reset successfully. Now, you can try to log in to your Linksys router using the step-by-step instructions provided above. Once you get Linksys router login success, take the plunge to set up Linksys wireless router process from the scratch.

The Last Words

Our article on how to log in to Linksys router ends here. As we promised, here’s to hope that you have succeeded with the process. Feel free to share your feedback with us. And, if you have some simple tips that can help your fellow-readers with Login linksys router process, without hesitation, share them all with us. Many users may get help from you.

Wishing you a happy and lag-free experience with the Linksys router.

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