Orbi App Not Working. What to Do?


Orbi app has made it easier for users to perform Orbi setup and do Orbi login without any hassle. Despite such convenience, users are reporting that they are facing issues with the Orbi app. And, what is that? Orbi app is not working on any smartphone, be it an Android or Apple device.

We know that you are also among those users who are searching for a solution to get rid of the “Orbi app not working” issue on Google, aren’t you? If yes, then luckily this is your final search. Google has finally put you on the right post. Over here, we will provide you with the best solutions that will surely help you fix the issue by the end of this post. So, without much delay, let’s start over.

Look, there can be many reasons behind the issue. Knowing the actual reasons causing it (the issue) will make it easier for you to resolve it. The reasons are:

  • Technical glitches with your Orbi device
  • Your smartphone is not connected to Orbi’s network
  • The connection between your devices is improper
  • You have downloaded the incorrect version of the Orbi app
  • Wrong Orbi router login details used by you to access the app
  • Your smartphone does not have enough space to download or run the app
  • The software version on your smartphone is outdated
  • Poor internet connection

Now that you have come to know some topmost reasons causing the issue, scroll down a little and get the solutions to solve it in the blink of an eye.

Fixed: Orbi App Not Working

Update the Orbi App

Yes, that’s right! Chances are that your Orbi app has become outdated and due to this error, it is giving you a non-working issue. So, without thinking much – update the Orbi app right away. After updating the app, see if it is working for you. If yes, then it would be great news. In case the issue remains the same, scroll down to get another fix.

Make Some Space

The Orbi app will not work in a proper way if there is no space on your smartphone. So, to get the “Orbi app not working” issue fixed, wipe out unnecessary data from your smartphone and restart it once.

Apart from this, we suggest checking for the latest software update available for your smartphone. If there is a new software update pending, please do the needful. Your smartphone will restart automatically once the software gets installed.

Now, try to run the Orbi app again. Here’s to hope that this time you get success. If yes, then also we suggest you – prior to closing this post – bookmark it first. By any chance, if you need fixes to troubleshoot issues with the same problem in the future – you won’t waste your precious time on Google for searching the same.

The Connection

Bear in mind, if your smartphone is not accessing the Orbi’s SSID, then you are surely going to face the “Orbi app not working” issue. For fixing it, just ensure to connect your devices in a proper way using an Ethernet or wireless source.

And, make sure you have an access to active internet connection. We suggest you contact your internet service provider regarding the same.

Download the Correct Version

Have you downloaded the correct version of the Orbi app? Please verify it! It seems not. Don’t worry! This type of problem can be resolved easily by simply uninstalling the Orbi app. Once you are done with the uninstallation process, check for the correct version first. Once you get it, take the plunge to download the app.

Make sure you are connected to the correct network and getting steady internet speed from your ISP’s end to download and run the app. Moreover, if you are using mobile data to download the app, make sure you still have the bandwidth in your account.

Once the app gets installed, sign in using a valid email ID and Orbi router login password. And, there you are! You are logged in to the Orbi app successfully. Reaching here, you can manage your Orbi device from anywhere.

Fab! Your Orbi app is now working!

Now, before we give this post an end, we are going to share one of the best yet useful tips with you. Look, technical glitches are one of the major reasons causing the “Orbi app not working” issue apart from many other big ones. To get them fixed, just restart your Orbi device. Restarting (power cycling) is the best solution to get rid of technical glitches. Here’s how to do so:

  • Unplug your Orbi device and wait for a few minutes
  • Once the wait is over, plug the Orbi back in

That’s it! Your Orbi device is successfully restarted.

So, as we promised, before reaching the end of this post, you now have the permanent fix for the “Orbi app not working” issue in hand, don’t you? Do share your feedback with us.