Is Someone Leeching Your Amped Extender WiFi? Let’s Help!

amped wireless setup

WiFi leeching has become so common these days that people don’t even hesitate to access an anonymous network. But, knowingly or knowingly, the guilty person is causing great harm to the victim’s network. The risk of the harm and private information getting leaked increases if you have an Amped extender that is running on the default settings. That scenario is annoying and saddening at the same time. You haven’t done Amped wireless extender setup for unauthorized users? Did you?

Wondering what to do to keep away WiFi leeches? Wonder no more. This post will guide you about the same. But, prior to that, let’s shed light on the symptoms that indicate that someone is accessing your Amped extender without your permission.

Signs that Your Amped Extender is Being Leeched

  • Your internet speed drops abruptly

  • You face failure while logging in to your Amped range extender

  • Amped extender keeps on power cycling

  • You get redirected to the same website every time while browsing

  • Strange software gets installed on your devices automatically

  • You get ransomware messages

  • The light on your Amped extender starts behaving weirdly

So, if you are witnessing any of these symptoms, then there are high chances that either your Amped extender is being leeched or already accessed by a hacker. Whatever, the reason might be, the tips mentioned below will help you keep WiFi leeches at miles.

Steps to Prevent WiFi Leeching

  1. Change the WiFi Password

Starting with the most critical factor i.e. the WiFi password. Like we said earlier that the Amped extender running on the default settings can lure a number of WiFi leeches. Thus, you need to change the status of the WiFi password of your Amped range extender from the default to customize.

To change the WiFi password of your extender, simply access, log in to your extender, and change the WiFi password under the frequency band of your desired choice. However, you need to make sure that the Amped password is a complete combination of letters, special characters, and digits. This will make it difficult to crack.

  1. Customize Admin Details

Changing the WiFi password will be like a door without a key if you forget to customize the admin details of your Amped range extender. You might be knowing that you can simply access the Amped extender by the default web address. It doesn’t even ask you to enter the login credentials until you have set them.

Therefore, without any delay, access the Password Settings of your Wavlink extender and set new login credentials. The criteria for a strong login password remain the same as the WiFi password.

  1. Update the Amped Extender

The set of instructions that runs your Amped range extender is collectively called firmware. These instructions are altered on a regular basis so that Amped extender can receive new security features. In other words, security patches of your Amped device get updated with the firmware update. Given below is the breakdown of steps explaining the firmware update process via the Amped wireless setup wizard:

  • Download the firmware file of your Amped device on your desktop. Make sure it is the latest one.

  • Open a new tab on the web browser and access the Amped extender setup wizard.

  • Select the Upgrade Firmware option under Management.

  • Find and upload the Amped firmware file on the next window.

  • Wait for the Amped extender firmware update process to get completed.

Bonus! You can also prevent your WiFi network from being leeched by stopping the SSID broadcast. It can also be done via the Amped extender’s dashboard.

Sum Up

That’s all about how to identify that the Amped extender WiFi is being leeched and how to do away with them. On the off chance, you are even unable to do Amped login due to WiFi leeches, reset your extender. Thereafter, do Amped setup and follow the steps mentioned above to secure your WiFi network.