Beginner’s Guide to Hide SSID of Amped Wireless Extender

Amped wireless login page

Today, when everything is going digital, people rely upon the internet a lot. To cater to internet requirements, they set up various networking devices in their homes. One such networking device is Amped extender which is known to provide WiFi coverage in even dead zones of the apartment or house. That is why people like to do Amped wireless setup

But, they forget that accessing a lightning-fast internet connection is not limited to doing Amped extender setup. Their duty also includes securing the WiFi network. For this, they either change the WiFi password or keep the firmware of their extender updated. But, what they keep ignoring is hiding the SSID of their Amped device. Now, you might be wondering how hiding the SSID will safeguard your WiFi network. Read on to know.

Why You Should Hide Amped SSID

SSID is the WiFi name of your Amped extender that acts as a doorway to access the internet. By accessing the extender’s SSID, you can enjoy a lag-free internet the way you fancy. However, you must know that the SSID of your extender is visible on every network list present within the device’s range. It means, that if a hacker resides near you, then it won’t be difficult for him/her to tarnish the security of your Amped extender and steal your sensitive information.

Thus, you should consider hiding the SSID of your Amped extender. Given below are the guidelines that will help you hide the SSID by accessing

Steps to Hide Amped SSID

  1. Open a Web Browser

First of all, pull up Google Chrome on your computer. You can also use another web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. However, a major thing that matters is the version of the internet browser. It must not be outdated. Outdated web browsers create a lot of mess when it comes to accessing the Amped extender login page. Additionally, the web browser must not be carrying unnecessary files. You can delete them by accessing your extender’s settings.

  1. Access

After ensuring the compatibility of the web browser, navigate to its URL (address) field. Once there, type and press Enter. You will see the login page of the Amped range extender. On the off chance, you don’t, check typos in the web address entered by you. Is it correct? If yes, then check whether you have entered the web address into the search bar. If yes, then rectify your mistake right away and use the address field.

  1. Log in to Your Amped Extender

Hitting Enter will shift the window to the Amped wireless login page Here, you need to enter the username and password that you have assigned to your Amped extender during installation. Remember that the extender’s login credentials are case-sensitive. Thus, avoid capitalizing letters unnecessarily. As soon as you are done entering the login details, click Login.

  1. Locate Network Settings

You will get redirected to the dashboard of the extender. Now, click WiFi Settings > 5GHz Extended Wireless Settings. The screen will shift to the 5GHz Extended Network Settings window. Find the Broadcast SSID option and click the Disable button. Once done, navigate to the Extended Wireless Settings of the 2.4GHz frequency band and disable the SSID broadcast. Don’t forget to hit Apply.

The moment you click Apply, your Amped extender will stop broadcasting SSID. It means it will disappear from every network list. Just in case you fail to hide the SSID of your extender, give a shot to the Amped wireless extender troubleshooting tips given in the next section.

Fixed: Can’t Hide Amped SSID

  1. Get Rid of Viruses

Viruses are one of the most prominent reasons that prevent you from hiding the SSID of your Amped extender. So, run a scan on the device you are using to hide the Amped SSID. If any infected file is detected, consider deleting it to successfully disable the extender’s SSID broadcast.

  1. Connect WiFi Devices Properly

You might also be unable to hide the Amped SSID if the connection between the extender and the host router is poor. It means you need to make it steady first. A wireless connection requires an optimal distance whereas a wired one needs a damage-free Ethernet cable.

Final Thoughts

Here, we are putting an end to our guide to hide the Amped SSID. Considering that now you have learned the steps to do so as well as troubleshooting tips to fix issues, you will be able to disable the Amped SSID broadcast and secure your WiFi network from piggybackers.