How to Connect Linksys WiFi Extender to Netgear Router?

Linksys WiFi Extender

simple to connect with any brand of the router. Yes, even Netgear WiFi router. There are some troubleshooting tips that help you to establish strong network between the Linksys WiFi extender and router.

Here, in this article post, you will get to know how to install the Linksys WiFi extender in your house. This installation process consists of hardware linking and Linksys extender login interface.

There are more information in this article, which are including in sections of the how to update the extender and how to change admin password. So, let’s start this article with the Linksys setup straight.

Linksys WiFi Extender to Netgear Router Link

To connect the extender to the router, you can choose Ethernet cable or wirelessly via WPS button. Here you will learn both the methods.

Via Ethernet Cable

  • At first, you have to place the extender near to the router.
  • Take the Ethernet cable and connect it to router’s LAN and extender’s WAN port.
  • Start it by plugging it into a wall socket and press power on/off button.

Via WPS Button

  • To link with the help of the WPS option, plug it in the wall socket to power it on first.
  • Then find and hit the WPS button on the router and Linksys range extender.
  • Both the Network devices will be connected automatically after pressing the Sync button.

When, you connect the router to the extender, it is time to reach the interface dashboard by using the IP address

Linksys Web Interface Access Using Computer

There are easy and simple steps to log into the Linksys WiFi extender using your computer, but first you have to connect the computer to the extender network via LAN cable.

  • You have to use IP address and search it in the web browser of your computer.
  • Computer screen will load up interface login page, where you must type username and password.
  • The credentials are given in the user manual of Linksys extender device, then click on the NEXT button.
  • The computer will load the interface dashboard page, here you can easily configure the settings and update the connected networks.

You can also update the Linksys extender system to make the Linksys error 2118 issue disappear. Down here you will get extra information that is updating the firmware and changing the admin credentials.

Update Your Extender System

  • Go in to the range extender interface and select Settings.
  • Click on the Firmware tab and search for the Search and Update Button.
  • You will find the button on the bottom of the screen, just start the download by clicking on it.

Change Linksys Admin Credentials

  1. Access the interface dashboard and go to the Settings.
  2. Select Admin option and you will see all the credentials details in it.
  3. To change the password, just select its field and add a new password.
  4. To save the changes click on the Apply button.

End Note

This article given you information about the how to connect the Linksys Extender to the Netgear router. This extender installation process is consist of hardware linking, Linksys interface access, updating the firmware, and changing the admin password. We have provided every bit of information about the Linksys range extender, and we hope this information is helpful during your setup process.

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