Getting Red LED After TP Link WiFi Extender Setup

TP Link WiFi extender setup

So, you are getting red LED on your TP Link WiFi extender even after setting it up properly? Don’t fret! This issue can easily be resolved. Just follow the fixes provided in this article and troubleshoot the “getting red LED after TP Link WiFi extender setup” issue from the comfort of your home.

Before providing you the fixes, let us first make you familiar with the reasons causing the issue.

Reasons: Getting Red LED After Configuration

  • Use of incorrect TP Link extender login password to access the extender setup page
  • Followed wrong configuration steps
  • TP Link WiFi extender setup process not performed in a proper manner or left incomplete
  • The extender is placed in a blind spot and away from your existing router
  • Your TP Link device isn’t getting proper power supply
  • The extender’s WiFi signals are getting interrupted
  • TP link WiFi extender firmware is outdated

Enough about the reasons! Now, we will provide you fixes to troubleshoot the issue on the fly.

Fixes to Troubleshoot the Issue

Fix 1: Configure the Extender Properly

The first fix that you can try to troubleshoot the issue is to ensure that your TP Link WiFi extender is configured properly. Apart from this, if you have left the configuration process in between, then also you will get red LED on your TP Link device.

So, if you aren’t sure whether you have configured the extender properly or not, do the following:

Here’s to hope that this fix has resolved the issue for you? In case, you are still getting red LED on your WiFi range extender, then head over to the next fix.

Fix 2: Follow Correct Configuration Steps

You may get red LED on your device if you have not followed the TP Link WiFi extender setup process correctly. So, if you want to get the most out of your extender, do the following:

  • Either download the tp link tether app or access the tp link setup page using the default web address

Once you’re done, follow the given instructions in exact given order

As soon as the device gets configured in a proper way, the TP Link WiFi extender LED issue will automatically get resolved.

Did this fix work for you? If not, then try the next fix in our post.

Fix 3: Relocate the Extender

During tp link wifi extender setup, if your device is placed in a blind spot and away from the reach of your router, then:

  • You will not get extender setup success
  • You will get red LED issue
  • You will not get expected internet range

So, what you have to do! During extender setup:

  • Place it at the center-most area in your home and near to router
  • Avoid placing it in corners and near windows
  • Do not use public or neighboring WiFi

After extender setup:

  • Unplug the extender
  • Place the extender at a location of your choice and within range of your router

Once your extender gets configured completely and successfully, you will get internet range in every nook and cranny of your house, even in blind spots. Yes, you read it right! But only after configuration! Not during extender setup.

Besides, to prevent issues like

  • WiFi signal interference
  • WiFi signal drop

We personally suggest you:

  • Avoid placing the extender inside a cabinet
  • Avoid placing it where it easily catches neighboring WiFi signal

Note: You may also get red LED on your TP Link WiFi range extender if your existing router is not doing well with it. In simple words, your existing router must be compatible with the extender. In that case:

  • Contact your service provider
  • Ask him whether the device (router) provided by him is compatible with the extender or not

Suggestion: If things aren’t in the hands of your service provider, then it’s high time you replace your existing device with TP Link router. First configure it using the on-screen instructions provided on its setup page and then connect the router with your extender. You can get onto the router setup page using the default web address and tp-link router login password.

Yes, it is important to make your router working and compatible with the extender. Because during wifi extender setup process, you have to connect the router with the TP Link device. If your device do not work well together, then how will you configure the extender? And, if your extender doesn’t get configured, how will you keep the red LED on your TP link device at bay? Think twice!

Bonus: After setting up your WiFi range extender, check for firmware updates available for your device. If you find any, update the extender firmware by following the given instructions.

In this article, I have shared my personal experience with you all – what I did to fix the issue. If this post resolved the issue for you, let me know via comments.