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Complete Guide to Set Up Amped Extender via WPS Method

TechnologyComplete Guide to Set Up Amped Extender via WPS Method

If you’ve just purchased an Amped wireless range extender, then you might be looking for a guide to set it up. If yes, then, first of all, congratulate yourself for reaching the right post. FYI, the Amped wireless setup process can be completed either with the help of the manual method or using the WPS method. The manual method demands the availability of a computer to access http://setup.ampedwireless.com and an Ethernet cable for making your device up and running whereas prerequisites are much different in the WPS method. You’ll neither need a computer nor an Ethernet cable for the extender setup process. Thus, it is considered the easiest method. This post is written to make you aware of the Amped setup process via the WPS method. So, read on.

Basic Requirements – Amped Setup via WPS Method

  • A WiFi router – Make sure that your home wireless router is properly configured and running on the latest firmware version. If it is not fulfilling any of these requirements, do the needful and proceed with the Amped extender setup process thereafter.

  • Power socket – The power is also a basic requirement to complete the Amped setup process. So, make sure you’ve access to a wall socket in your house. You can get your hands on a UPS in order to ensure a fluctuation-free power supply to your range extender in the case of a sudden power outage.

Now that you have become aware of the prerequisites of the Amped wireless range extender setup process, let us make you walk through the steps to carry out the process.

Steps to Perform Amped Setup via WPS Method

Step 1- Unbox the Extender

Let’s begin with the unboxing of your Amped range extender. For this, you need to take the extender unit along with its accessories out of the box. The unboxing of the extender must be done precisely so that no delicate part of the range extender gets damaged. FYI, the extender’s accessories are an RJ45 Ethernet cable, a power adapter (in some cases), antennas, and a user guide.

Step 2- Place the Extender Near the Router

The moment your extender is unboxed completely, consider arranging its hardware. By that we mean you have to connect the extender’s antennas to their designated ports and the power cord to its respective outlet. Once done, you have to give some space to your Amped range extender near the host router. If possible, place both WiFi devices in the same room. It will help you avoid issues during the Amped wireless extender setup process.

Step 3- Power Up the Extender

The next step in line to set up Amped extender via the WPS method is to power it up. So, consider connecting the power cable of your Amped range extender to an electrical outlet. In case the form factor of your Amped device is plug and play, consider plugging it directly into the wall outlet. Thereafter, press the Power button and wait for the power light to gain some stability.

Step 4- Press the WPS Button

Has the power light on your extender gained steadiness? Well, that’s good. Now, power up your router too. Thereafter, consider looking for the WPS button on your Amped range extender. Did you find it? Great! You’re doing a commendable job. Press the WPS button with great care. Now, without wasting a second, move toward your host router and locate the WPS button. Press it once it is found. Within a few moments, the Amped range extender setup process will get completed.

With that, you’ve successfully completed the Amped setup process using the WPS method. However, if you get stuck amidst the process, then make sure that the distance separating your Amped extender and the main router must be so accurate that neither you suffer due to zero communication or miscommunication between them. No communication can occur if the devices are placed too far whereas miscommunication can be a result of a clash of their WiFi signals due to a zero distance.

Wrapping Up

This was all about how to achieve success with the Amped wireless range extender setup using the WPS method. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post as well as installing your range extender. However, bear in mind that you need to assign the admin password and username to your extender after that. For this, access the Amped wireless login page with the help of a web browser and tweak the settings of the extender as per your wish.

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