What is Laboratory Glassware?

Laboratory Glassware

Omsons Glassware Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers in India. In 1983, we established our company in Ambala Cantt, Haryana, India. Initially, we manufacture laboratory glassware, lab thermometers, and lab hydrometers. But now, we produce more than 4000 products. If you don’t know what is lab glassware then no need to worry. In this post, we will cover all the aspects of glassware.

Laboratory glassware

Lab glassware refers to a wide range of instruments used in scientific work. They are typically made of borosilicate 3.3 glass. Glassware is used to manage lab experiments such as handling, and manipulating liquids. They come in numerous shapes and sizes. Here is a list of common lab glassware:

  • Test Tubes- It is used to hold, mix, or heat a small amount of solid or liquids. The tubes are usually heated using a Bunsen burner or a test tube holder.
  • Beakers-  Beakers are the most common lab equipment. It is used for holding, mixing, pouring, and calculating liquids. They are cylindrical vessels with open mouths and flat surfaces.
  • Pipettes – Pipettes are used for an accurate estimate and shift a small amount of solution. They come in various types such as micropipettes, volumetric pipettes, and graduated pipettes.
  • Erlenmeyer Flasks- Erlenmeyer flasks are conical in shape and have a flat bottom. They are the best option for mixing, heating, and boiling solutions.
  • Petri Dishes- It is a shallow, cylindrical vessel with a lid. They are used to execute agar-based experiments and detect cell growth.
  • Funnels- They are used to shift solutions or powders from one vessel to another. Due to the narrow opening, they stop spillage and ensure correct transfer.
  • Flasks- It is also known as flat-bottom flasks or round-bottom flasks. Flasks are used to mix, hold, and heat solutions. Besides this, they have a broad bottom as compared to beakers.
  • Graduated Cylinders- It is also known as a mixing cylinder or measuring cylinder. A cylinder is used to prepare liquids and calculated the volume of liquid.

Conclusion – Finally, laboratory glassware is an essential tool in every research lab. While choosing laboratory glassware, always consider which type of experiment will be executed.