What does IXPRL Stand For? Scrabble word IXPRL


The abbreviation refers to the shortened version of a written word or phrase used for ease of usage and self-expression. They’re especially useful while typing or writing since they take up less space compared to the original phrases and make the handling of texts easier for both the reader and the writer. Acronyms and abbreviations are also very useful when trying to memorize lengthy terms. Just like numerous others, IXPRL is an abbreviation used to refer to a variety of terms. These terms do not need to be interconnected but only need to relate to their shortened form in terms of the letters used.

Here Are Some Full Forms of IXPRL That Can Be Commonly Used in Everyday Conversation.

Extensible Business Reporting Language

IXPRL can be used as the condensed form of extensible business reporting language. It may refer to the lingual mode used to express commercial data and facts within a company or industry.

Extensible Business Reporting Language is sometimes also referred to with the acronym XBRL. According to the latter context, Extensible Business Reporting Language is a global framework for exchanging freely available business information. It enables the expression of semantic meaning, which is frequently required in business reporting. XML is used as the foundation for the language, and it makes extensive use of XML syntax and related XML technologies such as Namespaces, XML Schema, XPath, and XLink. One of its applications is the definition and interchange of financial data, such as financial statements, amongst other things.

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Independent Xenial Proud Realistic Literary

IXPRL stands for Independent Xenial Proud Realistic Literary in some circumstances. It’s a string of adjectives that can be used to describe a person or object.

Individually, independent refers to an entity that doesn’t rely on anything or anybody else. Xenial is an interesting word with Greek origins used to describe somebody that is hospitable and jovial to visitors and guests. Proud is the action word for pride and it means feeling extreme pleasure as a result of one’s own achievements or general disposition. Realistic is used to represent a person that’s in touch with reality and is quite practical. Lastly, literary refers to anything that’s associated with writing, study, or contents of highly valued literature. These terms altogether constitute the acronym IXPRL.

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IXPRL » Interesting Xenodochial-Person Proficient Religious Likable

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3 letter words made by unscrambling letters ixprl

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  • Xi
  • Pi
  • Li

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The word unscrambler created a list of 6 words unscrambled from the letters ixprl (ilprx). Each unscrambled word made with ixprl in them is valid and can be used in Scrabble.

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  • I
  • X
  • P
  • R
  • L

Words unscrambled from ixprl

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  • ixprm
  • ixprn
  • ixpro
  • ixprp
  • ixprq
  • ixprr
  • ixprs
  • ixprt