Victony WiFi Extender Keeps Dropping Connection? Let’s Fix!

Victony setup

Known for their marvelous features, Victony WiFi extenders can be seen in almost every home fulfilling the internet requirements of people. But, some users are unable to get the most out of their devices. The reason is their Victony WiFi extenders keep dropping connection.

Are you also facing the same problem with your Victony WiFi repeater If you are nodding your head in yes, then it’s time to ease out the worry lines on your forehead. Just give a shot to the troubleshooting hacks mentioned here and fix the issue you are struggling with. Read on.

Fix: Victony Extender Keeps Dropping Connection

  1. Change the Extender’s Location

The first reason why you are experiencing connectivity issues with your Victony WiFi extender might be its wrong placement. Remember that placing the range extender at the wrong location can block or deviate the path of its WiFi signals. Therefore, you need to relocate your Victony range extender.

While relocating, make sure that your Victony extender does not share its room with mirrors, lenses, fish tanks, microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, refrigerators, baby monitors, washing machines, etc. In addition, avoid selecting a corner for the extender’s placement. For proper transmission of WiFi signals, give your Victony range extender some space in the central room of the house.

  1. Update the Firmware

Every Victony range extender comes embedded with firmware. FYI, the firmware controls the overall activities of the extender. Therefore, whenever a new firmware version is introduced by Victony, the user needs to install it on the extender. But, it seems that you did not pay attention to the pending firmware update. So, before you find yourself in a no-win situation, consider updating the extender’s firmware by accessing the Victony setup  wizard.

However, you need to make sure that the firmware file you’ve uploaded is correct. Additionally, avoid interrupting the firmware update process by powering off your Victony extender or disconnecting it from the host router.

  1. Use the Ethernet Connection

Yes, we agree that the wireless connection between your Victony WiFi extender and the main router is convenient. But, a wireless connection is not a reliable option always. It is because the WiFi signals are most likely to get affected by external noise. To rid yourself of the issue, consider using an Ethernet cable for the extender-router connection. Doing so will help your devices to communicate directly.

But, never use a damaged Ethernet cable. It will push you into another pit of extender-related issues. Besides, ensure that the Ethernet connection is firm. Thereafter, see to it whether your Victony WiFi extender is still dropping connection. If it is, then follow the next troubleshooting technique.

  1. Discard Extra Connections

It might sound weird. But, if a number of devices are accessing the WiFi network of your Victony range extender, then also the extender keeps dropping connection. In that scenario, you need to identify the extra connections and discard them.

Therefore, access the Victony extender setup  wizard and see if any anonymous user is accessing its WiFi network. If yes, then block him/her. You can also consider disconnecting those devices in your home network that doesn’t require internet access all the time.

  1. Set Up the Extender Properly

Last, but not least, the Victony WiFi extender might drop internet connection if it is configured improperly. In that case, you are left with no option other than doing Victony WiFi extender setup again. But, before that, consider restoring your WiFi device to the factory default settings.

Therefore, without any delay, find and press the Reset button on your extender. Thereafter, set it up from scratch by referring to the guidelines mentioned in the Victony range extender manual.

Summing Up

With all things considered, we can say that a number of factors can force your Victony WiFi extender to drop the connection. However, if you know the exact reason behind the problem, you can easily fix it. Hopefully, the information provided above will help you fix the connectivity issue with your Victony WiFi extender. Thanks for reading the article.