Updated Guide to Fix Comfast WiFi Extender Red Light Issue

Comfast WiFi extender

Comfast WiFi extenders are working quite well since their introduction. But, nothing is perfect in this universe and Comfast repeaters are no exception. It has been reported that some users are seeing the red light on their Comfast range extenders. Are you also facing the Comfast WiFi extender red light issue? If yes, then your bad luck is going to end soon as you have stumbled upon the right post.

Here, we will share some secret tips that will help you fix the flashing red light on your Comfast extender in a matter of minutes. So, read on.

Fixed: Comfast WiFi Extender Red Light Issue

Even the smallest lamp can show you the way in the darkness. So, no matter how simplest the hack of rebooting is, consider implementing it on your Comfast range extender. It might bring you luck in resolving the Comfast extender red light issue. If you don’t know, then let us tell you how wonderful the process of rebooting is to get rid of technical glitches. Once you are done rebooting your Wavlink extender, see to it whether the red light issue is standing still. If yes, then the time to give a shot to the hacks given below has arrived:

  1. Relocate Your Extender

Do you know that the location of your Comfast extender has a direct connection with its performance? It looks like you were not attentive during the Comfast WiFi extender setup process due to which you ended up assigning the wrong location to your device. And, the red light on your extender is scaring you.

Well, the ball is still in your court. You can mend your ways by changing the location of the Comfast WiFi range extender. However, changing the location never means picking up the extender from one place and making it sit anywhere. Know that your Comfast WiFi repeater is not supposed to share its surrounding with metals, reflexive surfaces, Bluetooth gadgets, electrical appliances, and objects carrying a lot of water.

  1. Connect Extender and Router Properly

Another most ignored yet important factor that results in the flashing of red light on your Comfast extender is a weak extender-router connection. Perhaps, you forgot the correct guidelines to connect your devices. Yes, we understand that you can choose any source wireless or wired. But, you also have to consider a few important things.

In the case of a wired connection, you can’t say that it is firm if the Ethernet cable connecting your devices is not damage-free. However, if a wireless source is holding your devices together, then you need to ensure that your devices are not suffering separation. Also, avoid placing them too close. It too can force your Comfast extender to flash red if the WiFi signals emitted by your devices decide to involve in a conflict.

  1. Update the Firmware

It is a well-known fact that every networking device houses firmware that controls its overall performance. But, it looks like you forget this in the case of your Comfast device due to which the firmware has become outdated. Well, you still have time. Access the Comfast setup  wizard and update the firmware of your extender.

But, before that, download the Comfast extender firmware file and save it on your PC. Thereafter, log in to your Comfast wireless range extender to get to the dashboard of the device. Locate the Firmware Update option and upload the Comfast firmware file you saved earlier. Within some time, your Comfast extender will get updated.

Sum Up

Facing the Comfast extender red light issue is not a new thing today. But, still users struggle to troubleshoot it. Hopefully, after trying the hacks mentioned above, you will be able to get rid of the Comfast WiFi extender red light issue.

In case you are still empty-handed, perform a Comfast WiFi repeater setup  after resetting your Comfast device. It will surely fix the red light on your Comfast extender.