Top Five Handy Tech Products for Businesses

charging cabinets

With technology developing faster than ever, everyone is looking for the latest tech. Having the best technology for your business can mean better productivity and even create a more comfortable, healthier working  environment, so here are five things that can help make your office more productive and comfortable for you and your employees.

  1. Charging lockers

Charging lockers are a great way to store and protect technology. Many people today carry a phone, a tablet and other devices that they will need to charge depending on their use during the day. If you provide company laptops, charging lockers can be the perfect place to leave them overnight, or people can store their own devices to charge and be safe while they are working. A bonus to charging cabinets apart from the sockets they are fitted with is the high level of security they offer, as users need a key or a code to get into them.

Charging lockers come in two types: those that have individual doors for each compartment and ones that have a single door for all compartments.

  1. Adjustable desks

Adjustable desks are a great idea for offices where people work for long periods,  allowing people to switch between a sitting and a standing position. Adding movement like this has health benefits for your employees.

  1. Power outlets and USB docking stations

When working with computers and gadgets you can never have too many power outlets. So, outlet extensions are a good idea to have at every desk, especially the ones that are further away from any wall sockets.

Another useful tool when it comes to charging, transferring files and connecting gadgets is a USB docking station.

  1. W-ifi connection

In a busy office the wi-fi connection is everything. A bad wi-fi connection can be just as bad as no connection at all, as work will always be at a snail’s pace. This is why it is important to invest in a good provider and excellent routers that will cover your whole office or office building.

  1. Printers and scanners

Many businesses are going paperless but there are still many that need paper, like publishing houses, law firms, etc. For those that still use paper on a daily basis, good quality printers and scanners are a must. A paper jam can delay important documents and a scanner that is malfunctioning can cause havoc.