Setek WiFi Range Extender: Troubleshooting Tips


WiFi range extenders, internet boosters, signal repeaters help routers WiFi signals to reach at internet dead zones. You just have to connect these expanders to the router via cables or wirelessly and just use them wisely.

Here, we only discuss about the range extender of brand Setek. It is a small device that easily connects with your home WiFi router. But, you should have to make sure that Setek WiFi extender setup will completed without causing any technical error.

Here, we will get you through a short tour of Setek extender troubleshooting tips that help you to establish the Setek network in your house. After applying every tip, you can connect any other networking devices like T-Mobile gateway or smart home device to the extender.

Troubleshooting Tips

Here in this section of the article, you will get to know six major troubleshooting tips that help your Setek range extender network error free.

  1. Plug it on Optimal Location

Most of the users face the network interruption problem, because they didn’t choose an optimal location in their house. To choose wall socket on an optimal spot, you have to make sure that there is no electronic devices like microwave ovens near to the wall socket.

  1. Manage Settings and Networks

If you didn’t adjust the settings and networks of your Setek WiFi range extender, you will face weak signal of internet in your devices. So, access the Setek interface by connecting the computer to the extender and search its IP address, enter the login credentials, manage the settings.

  1. Always Check for Updates

Updating your extender will make its performance better. So, whenever the firmware version update will available, you must install it in your range extender. To update, go to the interface dashboard> click Settings> select Firmware and click on the Search and Update button.

  1. Check and Correct Router to Modem Link

Router to modem link is established with the help of Ethernet cable, but the extender to router connection can established wirelessly as well. So, you must make sure that router is receiving the signals from modem and extender is receiving signals from the router by checking the cable is inserted in correct ports.

  1. Reboot Once in a Month

You must restart the Setek WiFi range extender once in month. Rebooting your extender will refresh its settings. To restart the device, you just have to find and press the power button twice. The first hit will turn off the extender and second press will restarts the device.

  1. Reset It If Problem is Big

Some technical issues are that much hard to solve even applying the above written tips won’t help you. To solve problem, you have to reset the extender. Let’s see how to perform Setek WiFi extender factory reset.

  • Find and long press the reset button given on the extender.
  • The reset process will starts and after resetting it, you must adjust the extender settings again.

End Note

Here, you have got information about major troubleshooting tips that help you to dispel any technical issues and make the Setek WiFi extender performance better. There are six tips and solution that includes, choosing optimal location, correct router to modem link, updating the firmware, rebooting extender and resetting the device in this article.