Self-care and pamper routine: Spa-like treatment on a budget


While the covid pandemic has taken a toll on many individuals, leaving them in an inconsistent manner of speculated lockdowns, prohibiting them from following their active daily routine of going to the beaches working out like an Aussie. While most cases, a lot of individuals have complained about coming out of lockdown not feeling like their usual sleeves, obese or even pale and dull. That is why people need to break the lockdown blues and cycle with a self-care day or routine with the ingredients and products available at home on a budget. Everyone wants to feel pampered and cared for, and just like everyone, the skin needs its nutrition and care to feel plumped and supple, especially when they can’t go to the peninsula’s hot springs or rejuvenate with a mandatory sauna. A self-care routine is all about giving back to oneself once in a while, caring and giving the requirements it needs now and then. A lovely scented box of Melbourne candles and an Australian style vegemite toast can also benefit the whole self-care routine.

Below is a list of all the compiled important points that bring out the creative side in one to pamper themselves on a BUDGET!

Wash the hair:

Washing hair has many well-known benefits, like complimenting hair growth and cleaning the scalp. However, the point is that it is constantly refreshing to shampoo the hair with one’s favourite smelling shampoo, leaving them feeling fresh and smelling good all day long. While acting the extra hint of pampering, it is essential to either precondition the hair with a hair mask or use coconut or olive oil. This would leave the hair soft and shiny and may nourish the roots, giving it all its nutrition and drastically reducing hair fall, dandruff, and dryness, and complementing the Australian heat. Shampooing the hair twice can ensure no residual dirt or dust is left out in the scalps, leaving the hair feeling fresh and soft rather than greasy or oily. After washing the hair, it is ideal for conditioning it again. Kick out the dryness, wash it off in two or five minutes, and then dampen it and a serum.

Scrub/ exfoliate:

Exfoliating the skin is quite ideal once in a while as it’s the key to unclogging pores and removing dirt, dust, blackheads and even dead skin cells, leaving the skin bright and glowing rather than dull. While a good exfoliant or scrub could be generously used to scrub the entire face and body, followed by a shower gel and a moisturiser (on the body). Suppose one faces problem-specific skin (acne). In that case, they should rather minimise the use of face scrubs on the face and instead use a mask to kick the goodies into the skin cells, helping them penetrate more profoundly due to the absence of the dead skin cells from the previous steps in the regime.

Read a book partnered with a ‘favourite’ wine:

Speaking of self care, reading books and feeling excellent and stable contributes to well-being cannot be stressed enough. While wine is a perfect complement to the whole scenario, an extra kick could be added at home by burning one or two Melbourne candles, which would make the mood and vibrations much higher and better, leaving one feeling and doing good. A great playlist of Troye Sivan and kylie Minogue can come to the taste of some, leaving people feeling much better and dealing with a positive sense of change from the same lazy lockdown routine. While this is a great way to give back to oneself, it’s also a great routine to continue post lockdown as it contributes to physical and mental health.