Mandala art Drawing


Mandala art is a visual representation of the universe or the cosmos. It can be in the form of a circle but is most commonly circular in shape. The word mandala originates from the Sanskrit word “man” which means jewel and “dala” which means circle. In Buddhism, Mandala refers to a sacred symbolic diagram representing the Universe with an infinite amount of Buddhas inside it. The mandala symbolizes the universe, which is made up of an infinite number of Buddhas. The form and shape can be different for each person or culture but it always follows a similar pattern: circular with dots in the middle representing all living beings.

The Mandala symbols are drawn in three dimensions by using colored sand to represent life forms such as animals, plants, etc., while lines on both sides will show how they live their lives. These drawings were used to help people understand that everything has an existence within its own realm (the Universe) and also help them remember what happens at death so they can be prepared for the next life.

The mandala is also a symbol of peace and harmony within one’s self, family, or community. It represents the inner circle where all beings in this world reside with their own unique qualities – good, bad, and indifferent. The center point of Mandala art depicts an infinite number of Buddhas (the Universe) which are always present in our lives at every moment whether we realize it or not; they are there to help us when we need them most as well as guide us on how to live our lives more positively towards happiness and enlightenment.

What is a mandala and how does it work?

A mandala is a circular design that can be drawn or painted with various symbols and colors. It’s often used in meditation, visualization, art therapy, and other spiritual practices.

The purpose of a mandala is to help an individual concentrate on the present moment by placing their focus on the pattern rather than outside distractions.

Drawing Mandala art using pencil

Mandala art is a very simple yet intricate form of art. It can be drawn with pencil, pen, or paint but it all depends on how you want to depict your mandala. You could use colored sand as the medium for drawing your mandala and then just outline the shapes using different colors, or you may also draw them freehand in their entirety – this way it would look more realistic and attractive.

Drawing Mandala art using charcoal/pastel

You can choose to make some changes in coloring techniques that will give your artwork a unique appearance than what others have done. For example, you can use colored pencils to outline the shapes and then fill them in with a different color of pastel or charcoal so that it will look more surrealistic than before.

Drawing Mandala art using watercolor

You may also choose to draw your mandala freehand in its entirety and just paint over it with some transparent colors like blue, green, etc., this way again you have an opportunity to make changes according to what appeals most to your artwork.

Drawing Mandala art using oil

You may also choose to use oils and paint on your canvas to make it look more realistic. You can also experiment with different techniques like painting the outlines of the shapes in black, then you can fill them in with a combination of colors that will give a very surrealistic effect.

Drawing Mandalas is a very simple idea in itself, but it can be such an enjoyable experience. It will not only help you to concentrate on your own spirituality and develop a greater understanding of yourself as well as the world around you but also helps you to relax and de-stress after work or at any other time of the day.

Why do people create mandalas?

There are many reasons why people create mandalas.

Mandalas are believed to have originated in Asia, where they were created as a tool for spiritual self-reflection and meditation. Some believe that the intricate patterns of lines, circles, and dots represent the universe. They can also be used as a form of art or therapy to help balance one’s thoughts and emotions.

Mandala artwork is popular in modern culture because it allows artists to express themselves through color, shape, design, and pattern while experiencing a sense of peace and calmness within their creative process.


In the past, people used to create mandalas for their own personal use. Nowadays, people use them as a form of meditation and art. A lot of people prefer this art form because it is calming and relaxing. If you are looking for something new to try out, then you should definitely try Mandala Art.