Indian Idol Voting Results, Winner, Poll, List, Trends



Indian Idol Voting 2023 Results, Winner, Poll, List, Trends, and other information about your favorite dinnertime show are here. Check out everything. Indian Idol Voting 2023 Results are here, along with the results of the assembly and byelections that are happening in the country.

Indian Idol Voting 2023

Your favorite show’s 13th season is coming to an end soon. Sad. I know, right, but before that, there will be one winner who will take the Indian Idol 13th trophy home. The show began in September of this year, 2023. After eliminations and choices, we’re down to the last few people. The fans’ votes on Indian Idol have paid off. cpc full form

After eliminations and choices, we’re down to the last few people. Indian Idol Voting 2023 was open to everyone who wanted to help their favorite contestants get more votes. The voices we hear this time of year are hard to describe. Voting for Indian Idol was done through the Sony Liv app.

Indian Idol Voting

Results of Voting for Indian Idol in 2023

Fans of the contestants did their best to keep them from being eliminated by voting for them. Sony will soon share the results of the Indian Idol vote. A huge number of people voted for the contestants on Indian Idol.

At the start of the show, there were 15 contestants. To get to the top, they had to beat the other contestants. The show airs every Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m. The voting results will be shown in the last episode of the show, which is the finale.

Indian Idol Winner

At a special event, the famous trio will announce who won. Vishal Dadlani, Himesh Reshammiya, and Neha Kakkar are all nervous and excited about the finale. Based on what has happened in the past, the winner will get Rs. 25 Lakhs in cash. kcp share price

At the start, there were singers from all over the country with different styles. But we had to choose one winner whose voice was able to charm everyone. Last year, the winner of Indian Idol got 25 lakhs rupees. A brand-new car was also given to the winner. The two people who came in second each won 5 Lakhs. At the end of the show, each of the other two got 3 lakhs.

Indian Idol Poll

Like last year, Sony TV might post a live video of the winner’s performance on its Instagram page. We will have to vote on the top 6 finalists to choose the winner. The 13th Indian Idol polls are shared on other sites. The producers will soon share the official poll results.

Indian Idol List

We’re giving you a list of the contestants whose beautiful voices made us smile. Here are the names of the people who were kicked off in the last episode.

Sr No. Contestants Name Belongs to Status
1 Navdeep Wadali Amritsar Competing
2 Sonakshi Kar Kolkata Competing
3 Shivam Singh Vadodara Competing
4 Rishi Singh Ayodhya Competing
5 Anushka Patra Kolkata Competing
6 Sanchari Sengupta Kolkata Eliminated
(13 Nov 2022)
7 Chirag Kotwal Jammu & Kashmir Competing
8 Senjuti Das Kolkata Competing
9 Bidipta Chakraborty Kolkata Competing
10 Deboshmita Roy Kolkata Competing
11 Vineet Singh Lucknow Competing
12 Rupam Bharnarhia Punjab Eliminated
(27 Nov 2022)
13 Kavya Limaye Vadodara Competing
14 Pritam Roy Kolkata Eliminated
(30 Oct 2022)
15 Shagun Pathak Jharkhand Eliminated
(16 Oct 2022)

All of the competing artists have voices that are pleasant to listen to. The judges want to hear a voice that has the skill and range to sing any kind of song well.

Indian Idol Trends

Vineet, Navdeep, and Rishi are probably the contestants that everyone is pulling for. Several websites offer predictions about who will win Indian Idol. People post photos and videos on social media sites to show support for their favorite contestants.

There are also shows about Indian Idol Trends on different TV channels. They are asking the people watching to tell them who they think will win the 13th season of Indian Idol.