How to Look Good in Tees: Must-Follow Rules for Men


Did you grow up with little interest in personal style and never knew how to dress to look good? Although there are a lot of style guides and information online, do you really relate?

Are you someone who loves a casual and laid-back look? Then a t-shirt must be your best friend.

Styling a men’s t-shirt might be trickier than you may have thought. You may start looking funny if you don’t do it the right way.

Mastering the basics in clothing will help you become a stylish man.

When you know what to wear and how to wear, half the battle is already won.

A simple white shirt with blue jeans paired with nice shoes is always a winner. You may keep shooting yourself in the foot by getting the basics wrong. Don’t be one of them.

When it comes to getting the basics right, you should go for Raymond’s collection ColorPlus range.

The point is, that you may not know how to mix and match different patterns when you are starting. But you should focus on the basics first. Aim at the right color, the right fit, and proportions.

Need a little help? Here is an ultimate t-shirt style guide.

We will cover the colors that will look the most flattering on you.

In it, we’ll cover which colors will look the most flattering on you, how to pull off a graphic tee, and much more.

  1. The Color Palette

Let’s start by choosing the color that will flatter your skin tone.

You don’t want your tee to blend in too much with your skin tone. If you have a fair complexion, choose a color that gives you contrast. Go for forest green, navy, brown, burgundy, or a darker gray.

You should not try the pastel shades and go for darker, “neutral colors”. Shades like camel and khaki will look amazing rather than white or beige.

The ones with medium brown skin can try bolder colors. This includes pastel pink and sky blue. Avoid light brown, olive green, and mustard yellow.

And finally if you are on the darker side of skin tone, you can wear any tee you like. Don’t be afraid to try bright and bold patterns.

  1. Fabric Matters

When you have to pick the best tees, it is important for you to know which material is suitable for you.

High-quality clothing not just makes you look better but also keeps you comfortable throughout your day. For this, you have to make an investment in your t-shirts.

Do you guys know which is the best t-shirt? Yes, it is cotton. Because it is breathable, light, and very comfy. Try avoiding polyester as it is a synthetic fiber. This is because polyester shirts have a shorter lifespan and they are itchy and uncomfortable.

  1. Express Your Personality

One of the most popular types of shirts for men is a graphic tee.

With them, you can become a little cheesy and easily express your personality.

Wear the one that you genuinely like, not that you think other people will be impressed by.

But you have to be careful that you wear the graphic t-shirt for the right occasions.

They are okay on casual date night or a get together with friends. But never wear them for meetings.

  1. Casual and Sloppy: what’s the difference

T-shirts are the most casual wear but there are certain considerations to make when you wear them so that nothing looks weird.

Make sure you pick the one that has the right neck and it suits you.

Always take out some time to iron your tee. Also, discard any visible yellow stains under the armpit or anywhere else.

Also, pay close attention to the accessories you are pairing up with whether they are footwear or a watch.

Accessorizing it with designer sneakers and an elegant belt will go a long way in making you look like a gentleman. Brush your hair nicely.


We hope this style guide has helped you understand the importance of wearing appropriate colors, investing in quality material, and avoiding looking like a slob.

Most importantly, you should wear what makes you happy, helping you to express yourself. Put on something in which you genuinely feel good.