Complete Guide to Hide SSID of Wavlink AC600 Range Extender


The SSID of a Wavlink AC600 extender is one of the most alluring factors for unauthorized users, isn’t it? In case you don’t know about unauthorized users, then know that they are freeloaders who access your Wavlink extender’s internet connection via its SSID. But, what if we tell you that you can prevent this unauthorized access to your extender? Yes, you read it right. You should consider hiding its SSID. Doing so will make it invisible from every network list within its range thereby keeping freeloaders at a bay.

Well, you should have done it right after completing the Wavlink AC600 setup process. But, it’s better late than never. This article is all about hiding the SSID of your Wavlink range extender. The only effort required from your end is the careful implementation of every instruction mentioned here.

Prerequisites to Hide Wavlink AC600 SSID

  1. An Ethernet Cable

When it comes to carrying out any activity related to Wavlink extenders, an Ethernet cable is the first thing you should get your hands on. If possible, try to have access to a couple of Ethernet cables. You never know when any of them stops working and you get stumbled upon any issues amidst the process.

  1. A Power Socket

The way a vehicle needs fuel, your Wavlink AC600 demands electricity to operate. A power socket will serve this purpose. However, you are not advised to proceed using a damaged power socket. Using it may only increase the risk of hardware damage to your extender.

  1. A Computer

You can’t access the Wavlink extender setup wizard without putting a web browser to use. For this, no other option can be better than using a computer. But, you need to ensure that the computer is not operating on an outdated OS version.

  1. Login Credentials of Wavlink AC600

Hiding the SSID of the Wavlink AC600 range extender requires you to log in to it. For this, you need to keep the default password of the Wavlink extender handy. The default Wavlink WiFi extender login credentials can be check via the extender’s user manual. Just in case you have changed it after completing the setup procedure, make sure to use the updated Wavlink login password.

The moment you fulfill the aforesaid requirements, you can proceed to hide the SSID of your Wavlink AC600 range extender. Here’s how.

How to Hide Wavlink AC600 Extender SSID?

  1. Power Up the Extender

Insert the power adapter of your Wavlink AC600 device into an electrical outlet. However, if your extender’s form factor is plug-and-play, you can directly connect it to the socket. Make sure that there are no power fluctuations in your locality.

  1. Connect Your Wavlink AC600 and Router

Right after powering up your Wavlink AC600, you have to rope in the Ethernet cable into play. Create a wired connection between both devices with its help. You ought to establish a finger-tight connection. In case you’re not in the mood to go with a wired source, take the help of a wireless one. But, you need to place your WiFi devices at an optimal distance in this case.

  1. Open a Web Browser

The next step in line to hide the Wavlink AC600 extender’s SSID is to load a web browser. Which is your favorite browser? Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? Is it Apple Safari? No problem. The moment you open the web browser, insert the default URL into the address field and press the Enter key.

Note: Some Wavlink WiFi extender models also support the ap.setup URL. Thus, proceed only after ensuring the correct web address of your Wavlink AC600 range extender.

  1. Perform Wavlink Login

Pressing Enter will unlock the Wavlink range extender login window for you. There, you need to enter the password of your Wavlink AC600 and select the language. Once done, proceed by clicking the Login button. Consider turning off the Caps Lock key in order to avoid the Wavlink extender password not working problem.

  1. Hide the SSID

Soon, you will find yourself on the wifi wavlink setup wizard. Now, move to the WiFi tab. The window will shift to the WiFi Settings page of your Wavlink AC600 extender. Locate the SSID option and toggle the button to the Hide position. Once done, click the Apply button.

In a minute, you will find that the SSID of your Wavlink AC600 range extender is not showing up on any network list. Well, that’s a positive sign. You’ve successfully hidden the SSID of your WiFi device.

Sum Up

Hiding the SSID of a Wavlink extender is the ultimate way to keep WiFi bandits at bay. It is expected that after reading this post you will be able to hide the Wavlink SSID without any hassle. If yes, then we want to congratulate you on the successful completion of the process. Now, you can enjoy the services of your Wavlink AC600 extender without worrying about freeloaders.