Amped Extender Boost Band Technology Not Working? Let’s Fix!


BoostBand Technology is one of the unique features offered by Amped range extenders that enhance WiFi performance. It streamlines the dual-band traffic through a single WiFi frequency between the Amped wireless extender and host AP that improves the overall WiFi speed. But, it has been reported by some users that Boost Band Technology is not working on their Amped extenders.

Are you also troubled by the same issue? If yes, then check out the troubleshooting techniques mentioned in this post. They will surely help resolve the issue you are facing.

Fixed: BoostBand Technology Not Working

  1. Check Ethernet Connection

The BoostBand technology feature of your Amped extender becomes non-performing if the Ethernet cable connecting your Amped extender to the host router is damaged. It can also happen if the connection is not finger-tight. So, check for both situations.

If the former is the situation, then you are required to change the Ethernet cable with a new one. If you are in the second situation, then connect the network cable firmly. You can also go with Plan B which suggests users use a wireless source for connecting the extender to the host router. But, take care of the distance you have imparted to both devices.

  1. Restart Your Amped Extender

Restarting the Amped extender can also help you fix the issue you are facing. Know that rebooting is a proficient method to get rid of various problems related to Amped wireless extenders. Who knows technical glitches are also making the Boost Band technology feature non-working. So, without any delay, consider rebooting your Amped extender.

Restarting your Amped extender does not need any technical assistance. What you need to do is give some rest to your extender. It is possible only if the power supply to the extender is turned on and returned after some time. Once done, check whether the Boost Band technology not working issue has been resolved or not.

  1. Update the Firmware

A lot of users ignore updating the firmware of their Amped range extenders. This leads to various major problems including the one you are facing. So, you need to check whether your Amped extender is operating on the latest firmware version or not.

To check the same, access the Amped extender login page by visiting and locate the Firmware Update option. Once found, click it and select Check for Updates on the next window. Your Amped extender will verify if a new firmware version is available or not. If it is, then get through the instructions going on-screen and get the firmware of your extender updated to its latest version.

Note: You can also update the firmware of your Amped extender manually. But, make sure you download the correct firmware file for your repeater and do not interrupt the process in-between.

  1. Relocate Your Amped Extender

At times, there is WiFi interference present in the path of the Amped extender’s signals that results in the Boost Band Technology not working issue. In that scenario, you need to clear the paths that your Amped range extender crosses in order to cover all the areas of your establishment.

All you have to do is to ensure that the Amped extender is not being placed near any object carrying a large amount of water like a fish tank or an indoor waterfall wall. Apart from this, mirrors, microwave ovens, televisions, refrigerators, metal studs, aluminum doors, cellular phones, baby monitors, and Bluetooth gadgets also need to be placed away from your Amped range extender.

  1. Reset the Extender

Tried every hack mentioned above and still getting the same issue? No worries! It can happen if the range extender is not configured in a proper way. The only thing you can do to fix the issue you are facing is reset your Amped device. It will allow you to do Amped wireless setup from scratch.

To reset your Amped extender, check all sides of the hardware and find the Reset button. Have you found it? Good! Now, press it with the help of a sharp object. Once done, every personalized setting from your Amped range extender will get deleted taking it to the factory default mode. Thereafter, consider performing Amped setup again.

Final Words

The BoostBand technology is all about enhancing the Amped extender’s performance. Its non-working state can badly affect the internet usage experience. We hope that after following the tips mentioned in this post you will be able to fix the Amped extender Boost Band Technology not working issue resolved.