4 Summer Closet Collections Every Woman Must Own


As the warm weather rolls in, you must dive into the comfiest clothes. Summers can be all great with beaches, blue skies and ice-creams. When it comes to feeling comfortable, PJs have been the only retort. However, stacking a few summer essentials and acing simple style tips can aid you to walk down the street feeling fashionable yet comfy! Cotton clothes can do all the magic. Cotton maxis will never let you feel sticky on a long summer day, from being versatile to breathable. Summer dresses need to provide an opportunity to air out and conduct heat away apart from being chic and figure-flattering.

Building your summer wardrobe

Coordinating outfit pieces can turn tricky, especially if you are trying to match a branded crop tee with a pair of comfy mom’s jeans. The ideal summer wardrobe must consist of everything, from beach maxis to party wear, shades, and summer footwear! Here is a list of summer dresses to buy this year and on bonus, some quick styling tips,

  1. Shirt dresses

Nothing worse than having to head to work during summer mornings! Formal clothes, blazers and trousers may seem annoying during summer, having to compromise on comfort. Summer in Australia can hike up to 78.4 degrees F, with the average humidity rising to 65%. However, shirt dresses are now in vogue and the best attire to invest in this summer. Shirt dresses come in a variety of styles, lengths and materials. Alternatively, you can create your shirt dress by mix-matching a shirt with a maxi or slip dress. Shirt dress styles help in attaining an effortlessly chic look. The best way to style a shirt dress is to pick complementary footwear and, voila! White sneakers, high boots and heels look impeccable with shirt dresses. If you’d like to flaunt your figure, add a belt on the waist or layer it on a pair of mom’s jeans to try out a unique code.

  1. Summer maxis

Maxis are a summer staple and have turned into a fashion statement recently. They are versatile and one of the most comfortable clothes to slip in and walk by the beach. When restrictive clothes are fashionable yet discomforting, maxis are the go-to choice. Whether you have your leg hair unwaxed or have just returned from the salon after waxing, a maxi is the best to feel comfortable and secured in! Flowy floral maxis can never go wrong on a dinner date or a day at the beach! Tie die maxis are an absolute must-try. If you fancy adding a little spice, layer solid coloured maxis with a blazer or a denim jacket.

  1. Rompers

Rompers are one-piece clothes that extend up to the knee. They are shorter-versions of maxis, infuse more western style and are comfortable for hot summers. Rompers can make you seem girly and can flatter all body types. You can always dress up a romper or keep it simple by throwing in a pair of high heels. With rompers, you have no more trouble coordinating tops and bottoms, picking matching pieces when all you have to do is slip in a romper.

  1. Dresses in white

One cannot overlook the elegance of white summer clothes. From tees to shorts, white dresses are remarkably versatile and easy to style with contrasting add-ons. A little white dress is a summer must-have to look effortlessly chic by just throwing a denim jacket or a cardigan. Cotton white tees do not make you look or feel sticky and get matched with denim trousers, shorts, black skirts and just every other bottom wear. A white floral maxi can be the best figure-flattering summer attire to invest in this year.