15 Best Putlocker Alternatives Sites in 2023 [ SAFE ]


Are you looking for alternatives to Putlocker? I hope you enjoy this list of the best Putlocker alternatives (Movie Streaming Sites).

Where would you like to watch your favorite movies and television shows? Using some of the best Putlocker alternatives, you can stream movies and shows from all of the leading TV channels, including TLC, HBO, BBC America, FX, Netflix, Cinemax, and more. Television programs and motion pictures can be viewed from the convenience of a computer desk. There is no need to travel to view your favorite television program or movie!

What exactly is Putlocker?

Putlocker was one of the best websites for streaming movies online. Alexa placed it among the top 250 most visited websites. However, Putlocker was shut down and blocked in the UK in 2016. Since then, numerous individuals have sought out Putlocker alternatives to watch free TV shows and films.

Putlocker Alternatives

A good Putlockers alternative should have an intuitive interface, be quick, and offer new movies and television shows.

Legal Disclaimer: Please read before proceeding.

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I recommend Express VPN or NordVPN because they are the most secure and fastest VPNs with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

15 Best Putlocker Alternatives Sites in 2023 [ SAFE ]

Here are the top 15 free and secure alternatives to Putlocker. Let’s examine these free sites like Putlocker that stream movies online.

1. 123Movies

There are numerous streaming websites similar to Putlocker on the market, but only a few can be considered safe and legitimate. 123Movies is a well-known streaming website that focuses on the entertainment and security and convenience of its users.

Does this website host the newest films and television series? That is everything you could want from a great streaming website. It is known to provide a comprehensive index of films and television series.
In addition, it contains well-organized sections where you can easily locate fresh content. You can limit your search based on a variety of criteria, including recent additions, release year, and number of views.

2. Megashare

This is regarded as one of the most convenient and straightforward streaming services available on the Internet at present. Megashare has an intuitive interface, a large user base, and an extensive library. Use it to watch movies and television shows without cost or registration.

Depending on your Internet connection speed, you can also view films of varying quality. It also offers prints of HD quality. The addition of subtitles is the second most popular feature of the incredible site.

3. Popcornflix

Popcornflix allows you to enjoy your favorite movies. It has been available for quite some time and is regarded as a viable alternative to Putlocker.

Its library consists primarily of classic and old films, but that does not preclude the viewing of the most recent videos. No registration or account creation is required to use Popcornflix, so you can immediately watch your favorite films. There are also free movie streaming websites, such as PutLocker.

Visit Popcornflix

4. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is one of the most well-known and popular streaming websites, alongside Netflix and Prime Video. This website provides access to television programs and movies. You could even use it to download your preferred movies.

Popcorn Time has a slightly different interface than Putlocker, but it is still one of the best Putlocker alternatives for watching free movies and TV shows. To watch movies with Popcorn Time, its software must be downloaded. The software is incredibly easy to install on various devices. After installing the software, you can search for your favorite movie and play it.

It offers a vast selection of the most recent television shows and films.

Visit Popcorntime

5. Fmovies

Fmovies is another well-known and well-known name on the list of the best free film streaming websites like Putlockers. It stands out from its competitors due to its sleek and modern user interface.

It is simple to navigate the site’s various genres and categories and to watch your favorite movies and television shows for free. Consider utilizing a VPN connection to enjoy a seamless streaming experience if you’re experiencing some issues.

Visit Fmovies

6. SolarMovies

SolarMovie is another highly-rated website similar to Putlocker for watching TV shows and movies online. The site’s interface is user-friendly, neat, and navigable quickly.

You will find the newest and most popular television shows and movies. If you have a strong Internet connection and a simple website interface, you won’t experience any streaming issues. When you search for a movie, a pop-up will appear, allowing you to choose an instant-play platform. Solar Movie is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker on the list.

7. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is another excellent option for watching free online movies. This website is frequently one of the first online streaming sites to offer a new blockbuster film.

You will be able to select any series you want to watch with a simple click, as each TV show is organized by season. This website is ideal for binge-watchers who can’t stop watching after just one episode.

8. GoMovies

Best feature of GoMovies is the ability to choose between two distinct homepage designs. Currently, the default option is clutter-free and includes a well-designed lookup function.

There is also a button that leads to the website’s previous layout. It is more suitable for browsing when you have not decided what you wish to watch. You can quickly sort films by popularity, popularity, and IMDb rating.

GoMovies’ nighttime mode is an additional outstanding feature. If you activate this option, the website will switch to a dark design that is ideal for late-night movie marathons.

9. Watch Online Series

Are you a fan of television series with a long list of shows to watch but few streaming websites to satisfy your entertainment needs? From horror films to romantic comedies, this website offers everything. The majority of television programs are available in the highest quality, and each episode includes at least two mirrors.

Although this website is a great place to watch your favorite TV shows and has great Putlocker options, it is best enjoyed with an ad blocker. Additionally, this site is free to use.

10. Rainierland

Rainierland is renowned for its first-rate content, both in terms of quantity and quality. The trending films are displayed on this site’s homepage, so you do not need to take the time to discover the most recent box office successes.

11. Movie4u

Movie4u is another free streaming website where you can watch movies and television shows from various genres and time periods. The site’s interface is straightforward and simple to navigate in order to locate your favorite television shows and films.

In addition to a list organized by year, there is a list organized by genre if you scroll down the page. You can also search for movies using the search bar option at the top of their website.

12. Film Rise

Film Rise is an excellent free website for streaming movies similar to Putlocker. On this website, you can navigate through various categories of television shows and movies. You are able to filter and sort movies according to your preferences.

Among the most prominent categories are Featured, Reality, Classic, New Releases, and Documentaries, among others. You must install the app prior to watching movies and television shows.

13. Los Movies

Los Movies has a vast selection of movies and television programs from all genres. The search engine enables convenient title-based video searches. You may also search for trending movies or subtitled films.

14. Tubitv

This site offers free access to old classic films. This is a fairly straightforward streaming website, which makes it a viable Putlocker alternative.

The film categorization is flawless, and you can find your desired films without much difficulty.

15. AZMovies

Another option that works exceptionally well for streaming enthusiasts. It has categories such as features, genre, year, and TV shows that make it easier for the user to choose if they’re relying on the website to provide them with something interesting and they have no other options.

Putlocker Alternatives FAQ

How do you know if a website is legitimate and secure?

The answer is dependent on your location. Due to copyright laws, it is illegal in the majority of countries to stream television shows and movies for free. However, the above-mentioned streaming sites provide excellent content that is legal to stream. The websites are additionally secure. However, you can protect yourself with a VPN.

Is Putlocker Safe?

Putlocker is a secure service. You can use a VPN for security purposes.

Is Putlocker permitted?

This platform’s legality is questionable. No is the simple answer. It is illegal because it contains copyright material that is not permitted in the majority of countries.

Are there consequences for illegal streaming?

Most legal experts believe that any service that offers free streaming, downloading, or online movie viewing is likely illegal. Some nations consider streaming or downloading films online to be a violation of copyright laws. Therefore, you must exercise caution when navigating these online movie streaming websites. Only if you feel lawful should you attempt.

Why should we use a VPN for online streaming?

VPN protects our privacy on the internet; therefore, you should use a VPN while streaming online to avoid sharing confidential information or having your private accounts hacked. For online anonymity, we recommend using a VPN such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

What are the best alternatives to Putlocker?

Among the best alternatives to Putlocker are 123Movies, MegaShare, Popcornflix, Popcorn Time, SolarMovie, etc.

Are legal Putlocker alternatives available?

Yes, alternative sites to Putlocker are legal if you only watch public domain films. We (careerswave.in) do not promote or endorse illegal activity involving the streaming or downloading of copyrighted material.

Has Putlocker been deactivated?

It is one of the most popular sites to stream free movies and television shows online. Due to legal issues, the business was closed.

What happens if you are caught using Putlocker alternatives to stream content online?

If you are caught illegally streaming videos online (content protected by intellectual property rights), you could face legal consequences. We (careerswave.in) never endorse such behavior. We (careerswave.in) always suggest viewing public domain content.


Here we are! Top 15 Putlocker alternatives to watch your favorite movies and television shows. Therefore, if you want to watch all of the most recent movies and TV shows, these are the Putlocker alternatives you must visit.


We (careerswave.in) have no intention of encouraging or condoning piracy in any way. The Copyright Act of 1957 classifies piracy as a serious offense and a criminal act. This page intends to inform the general public about Popular Putlocker alternatives. We further request that you do not encourage or participate in any form of piracy.