Three Good Options When Deciding to Hold Your Assets with a Gold IRA Company


Many stockholders like capitalizing on various assets including precious metals, such as silver, platinum and more popularly gold. There are many reasons for this but the best ones yet are that in comparison to other forms of savings, these are the less volatile and safest against inflation.

An IRA is better known as Individual Retirement Account is one of the theses lucrative options that offers investors the chance to save until they have retired and reap the benefits of holding their metals in a company for multiple years. The more common one is the self-directed IRA which has significant tax benefits to the owner.

There are a few different types of accounts in this category, we will discuss these and how they work when dealing with a company established for this option.

Three Common Types of Gold IRAs

Depending on how much you want to invest, your financial circumstances and the different benefits you are looking for, you have the option of opening one of the below three accounts:


If you own a small business establishment or are self-employed you can choose this option. It is not much different from the traditional options when it comes to making contributions and gives business owners an option for not just themselves but also on behalf of their employees.

As part of the 401(k) plan, these too provide a tax-deferred growth on your investment. However, if you want to withdraw anything before the time of retirement, the money will be taxed as explained here if you are going through financial hardship or owe a student loan or higher education fee, then they may be certain ways for you to make an early withdrawal without being penalized with a withdrawal few.

Traditional Gold IRA

A very common one that the majority of the population would have heard of by now is the traditional one. with this type, the contributions are deducted from your income and are advantageous as it reduces your taxes and you can withdraw from it however will pay for income tax on the amount.

A traditional gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a type of self-directed IRA: allows you to invest in various tangible assets — gold and silver included. You can also invest in other items, like collectables, antiques, art, and in some cases, even real estate.

In other words, the money that has not yet been taxed is what will be deposited into the account or used to buy the precious metals. For those who want their income tax to be lower once they retire, this would be the best option.

When opening this account with any company, you will need a ‘custodian’ to help you out. The company itself can help get you set up with them and also recommend a few IRS approved places you can buy your gold or will do it on your behalf, and ship it to your account with them.

This will then be held in a secure depository. In the event you need to transfer money from one bank to another or one company to the other, they can also help you with this.  The options are to either store cash or paper assets, or precious metals. This is also similar to a 401(k).

Roth Individual Account (Gold)

The third option you have is opening a Roth IRA, and this will entail paying taxes with every deposit. The money, however, will grow as a tax-free asset and in this type of holding, you will not need to pay any taxes when you want to withdraw anything. The withdrawals, as well as the contributions, are limited.

One other thing worth mentioning is, some people also purchase other types of investments such as antique art, real estate, collectables and more. Anything that is deemed worthy and valuable.

There is a limit to how much you can keep, and for this one, for example, if you are under the age of 49 years, you can only hold up to $6000 a year. If you are older than the age of 50 years you can deposit slightly more, up to $7000 per year.

When you decide to open any one of the above gold IRA investments you can choose to buy and keep anything from silver, platinum, gold or palladium and are a smart way to protect your hard-earned money against inflation. It is also a good way to diversify things. So, you don’t end up putting all your eggs in one basket.

When it comes to funding your account, you are not limited, and can typically hold three types of assets namely, cash or paper, do a transfer from another similar holding or move your 401(k) into any one of them in a few quick and easy steps. The point to note is that with some you cannot directly place any type of bullions or coins in them, so checking what is allowed and what is not, before you venture this route is advisable.

With some of these, the individual companies also allow you to continue to add more assets until even after you have retired. There is never any harm if securing your future from the get-go. It is never too late to start putting investments aside now so that when you have no longer got a means of earning an income, you at least have this as a backup.