How to Cut Your Hair in 6 Simple Steps (For Men)

hair cut at home

In last two years, we went through from a very bad phase of our human-cycle. So, we have come to facts that barbers are not always going to be around us, especially as per the current scenarios of COVID.

True, we know it sounds complicated, but it is not that complex if you know how to do it properly. So, the idea of having hair cut at home becomes significant for everyone interested. By using this guide, you’ll find that you can do just about anything to your hair on your own.

Let’s dive in.

6 Simple Steps to Have a Haircut by Yourself

Before beginning to have a hair cut at home on your own, make sure that you are clean. So first off, shampoo and condition your hair with nice products because they will help you prep your hair for your desired hair styling.

You should have a cut at your place, also you can book a hair stylist from any hair salon websites who are keen to provide their special service at your doorsteps. They also take care of cleanliness and safety of their customers.

Step 1: Deciding what hair style you want

  • First, you have to start things off by making sure you (or the person cutting your hair) know what style you want after having it. Imagining is the key thing here.
  • Run your hands through your hair and start thinking about how you want to look after the hair cut.
  • It’s a good idea to search about the latest hair styling trends on the internet or from a fashion magazine. Like, most of the people want to have their favourite celebrity look on themselves.

Step 2: Preparation for haircut

Hair-cut at home needs the right steps before having the desired look. Make sure you find a well-lit area with no distractions.

  • Prepare your chair or make some room in your restroom for some mirror because bathroom is easy to wipe-out after having a hair-cut
  • Clean all the relevant things of that room i.e. trimmers, scissors, chairs, etc.
  • Wet your hair before starting the haircut
  • Comb your hair straight to back, it helps you to know about the length
  • Cover your clothes with a bed sheet or long cloth

Once preparation is done, now is the time to move on to start the cutting process.

Step 3: Cut the sides in transition

You have to start from the sides, as it is the easiest part of the head to cut initially.

Take care of Transition Zone because this is the boundary between the lower and upper half of your head. It is that area in which we focus more because it will later give us a sharp blended cut. Blended cut is a gradual transition from shorter to longer hair. The aim of blending is to make the hair-cut look seamless. After that, use a comb with bristles facing up, lift the hair on the lower half of the head and begin the cut from the base of your head. Repeat it and go a little bit higher but save the transition zone for now. Start from the left side of the head, then move to the back and finish to the right of the head. Review if it looks good or not. If not, make another pass or move on.

Step 4: Cut the top hair

After cutting the sides, the next step of your hair cut at home is to cut the top hair. It will start from front and working towards back. Focus on the center two inches. Pull the hair with fingers perpendicular to the head, and then cut the length to ½ to ¼ of an inch. Move to the left side of the head and cut down the length to 1.5- 2 inches, and the same to do for the right side. Also, you can cut the less length of your hair if you want; it totally depends on your desired haircut. Pay attention to the style you always have and which will look best on you. Have your haircut accordingly.

Step 5: Focus on transition zone

For transition zone, use clips or fingers to keep the hair you want to keep longer and rest you will trim down with scissors and trimmers. By using the same technique as in the previous steps, you can hold the hair perpendicular and blend the lower and upper area of sides. Trim properly from lower areas to upper areas in a transitional way, in which lower hair length remains short in comparison to the upper area, which will give you the proper blend.

Step 6: The details and final review

After completing the previous step you have completed, the most challenging part of the hair cut at home by yourself. Now you have to inspect your haircut and if there are some flaws, then redo the required steps like check for stray long hairs and cut them off. Also, use blade/trimmer for outlines of the haircut i.e. neck area, forehead cut and near ears. Finally, look yourself in the mirror, review yourself on your own or take comments on your haircut by your family.

At last, having a hair cut at home is the latest helpful option for everyone because this pandemic time has taught us to do these petty and useful activities on our own. By having this type of a skill we can easily groom our self anywhere. You can also choose the latest services provided by different online salon. They offer great customer satisfaction with proper safety and cleanliness.